European Comfort foods - comfort foods

French Onion soup                                  4.95
This is the real thing...........probably one of our bestsellers.
Made with Crisp White wine & port, Beef & Chicken Stock.
Soup of the day                                         3.95 
organic, Vegetarian, usually whizzed general all healthy for our 'gay men'
Escargot de Bourgogne                          15.95
12 ‘escargot’ oven baked in Veros homemade garlic butter. 
Garlic Butter Clams                               11.50
Tiny Baby Clams, baked in escargot a "le creuset casserole"...cute, & a real taste of the south of France.
Shrimp Parisian                                     11.50
Freshly peeled Tiger Shrimp baked to order in sauce Nicoise.
Tomatoes a la Provencal                          9.95
Tomatoes topped with French countryside herbs, garlic, breadcrumbs & extra virgin olive oil.
Vero's very famous Gratin Macaroni     9.95
Served in a béchamel cheese sauce, with a hint of freshly grated Nutmeg, and topped with Swiss cheese, (this is great with Escargot if you want to make it your entrée.)
Small garden salad                                    6.95
Fresh greens tossed with our homemade vinaigrette
Cheese Slate                                              21.00
Ripe French Brie, Sharp Irish Cheddar, Fresh Goats and Bleu; served with walnuts and fresh fruit. The composition of the cheese slate may vary based on the market.
Duck Mousse Pate                                    14.95
A smooth pate, consistency of 'foie gras',cooked with Cognac & peppercorns and served with Cornichons and Pears from Anjou.
Country Pate                                             14.95
Chunky in texture, this is ground Pork and Chicken liver (sometimes Pork liver, depending on what's at the market) Pistachios (or Walnuts ) to add a little 'crunch'. Cooked with Cognac & Port Wine, served with cornichons & Anjou Pears.
 : Greek Feta Salad : Bacon & Blue Cheese Salad : Chicken & Avocado Salad : Roasted Goats Cheese

Roasted Goats Cheese                           14.95   
Goat’s cheese roasted on thick croutons, served warm, on a bed of mixed greens with French string beans and peppers.
Shrimp Cocktail                                     14.95         
Freshly peeled Shrimp & Tomato served on crunchy salad in a light pink cocktail sauce, a feast.
Bacon 'n Blue cheese                               14.95
Crispy bacon, Granny Smith apples, Blue cheese freshly cut off the wheel and Walnuts; over greens.
Chicken & Avocado                                14.95
Organic chicken breast, poached to order, served warm, on mixed greens with Tomato & Avocado.
Greek Feta                                                14.95
Colossal black Greek olives, fresh Feta cheese, Cucumber and Herbs de Provence on mixed greens .    


Patio house Lasagna                                 17.95
Ground beef, Onions, Mushrooms, fresh crushed Tomato, Béchamel sauce and Swiss cheese, oven baked to perfection.
Pasta Provence Chicken                           17.95
Home made "rustic marinara" over egg noodles, served with our "nut free" pesto and topped with made to order organic Poached Chicken.
Pasta Bolognaise                                         16.95
Ground beef, Onions, Mushrooms, fresh crushed Tomato,Served over pasta with grated Parmigiana cheese.
Manicotti Province                                      16.50
Fresh pasta sheets stuffed with ricotta and cream cheese, topped with our famous "Provence" sauce, Mozzarella, and then oven baked to order.
Lobster Ravioli                                            19.00
3 big Lobster Ravioli & 2 Spinach; Served in a heavy cream  sauce, the base being shallots deglacée with Champagne and very lightly topped with dried Mozzarella cheese...very naughty!
Real Irish Shepherds Pie                             16.50
Ground beef stewed in gravy with Onions, Peas and Carrots then smothered in mashed Potato, and topped with dried Mozzarella. Oven baked to order and served piping hot...yummmmmy!!   
Cioppino                                                     MktP
A fish stew, traditionally from San Francisco; It's a combination of Dungeness crab, Clams, Shrimp, Mussels, Squid and a beautiful 7 to 8 oz Cod Fillet, all combined with fresh Tomatoes and herbs, star Anise, Pinot Grigio, and served with freshly toasted bread.
Scallops Lyonnaise                                    MktP
4 Perfectly seared u10 Scallops on a bed of Pea Pureé, organic ribboned Zucchini, and Carrots glazed with organic Agave; finished with Fig Balsamic.
Chicken Quesadillas                                    16.95
Perfectly Poached organic Breast of chicken with melted cheddar inside; finished with grilled Swiss cheese on top, and served on a bed of greens.
Spinach Ravioli                                            16.50
"Green ravioli", stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta cheese,topped with our "Nicoise" sauce and mozzarella, then baked to order.
Italian Quesadillas                                       16.95
Ground beef, Onions, Mushrooms, fresh crushed tomato, with melted cheddar inside; finished with grilled Swiss cheese on top,and served on a bed of greens.

Poached Pear & Roasted Almond crumble           7.95
poached pears in a ramekin with roasted almonds and served "upside down" on the crumble, whipped cream & chocolate.
Peach crumble                                                           7.95
Peaches and roasted almonds in a ramekin with cookie crumble, served "upside down" with cream & raspberry sauce.
Creme Brule                                                              7.95
A recipe we borrowed from "Paul Bocuse", brulee directly at your table !